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About Ontario Christian Schools

Looking to work in a Christ-centered, transformative, and educationally excellent school environment?

Ontario Christian School is a nonprofit, independent private school, owned and directed by an association of parents and friends of Christian education. We seek to see every student equipped to be courageous leaders who serve God and others, seek His Truth, and impact culture.

Our Mission
Ontario Christian School provides and promotes a Biblically-based, quality education that nurtures the children of Christian parents to grow in God-centered discipleship, equipped with vision, understanding, discernment, and service in order to renew all relationships and culture to be under the authority of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision
Ontario Christian School is committed to its Growing Christian Leaders. It is our vision to see every student equipped to be courageous leaders who serve God and others, seek His Truth, and impact culture.

Our History
In 1944, a group of men and women from the Ontario Christian Reformed Church took a step of faith and established a Christian school. More than 70 years later, Ontario Christian has grown from a one-room schoolhouse to the longest-standing Christian school in the Inland Valley with a community of 1,200 students. We unite students from over 200 different churches around one goal: to see Christ glorified and exalted in everyday life.
Ontario Christian is non-profit and independent, owned and directed by parents and friends of Christian education. We believe it takes the home, the church, and the school to provide the best Christian education for our children. Ontario Christian recognizes that parents are most accountable before God for the nurture of their children in the ways of the Lord. Therefore the school sees itself as an extension of the home. We believe that home, church, and school as partners in helping students to grow spiritually academically, and socially.

Our Faith & Values
As a distinctly Christian school, Ontario Christian maintains high spiritual and lifestyle expectations of its employees. Qualified applicants will;
Profess Christ as Savior and Lord and maintain a positive Christian testimony.
Be active in attendance at a local Protestant Christian Church.
Meet the specific requirements of the position for which they are applying
Be in agreement with our Values & Philosophy.

Have Questions?
If you have any questions regarding employment at Ontario Christian, please contact our Human Resources department.

Human Resources
(909) 983-4644


Day Care Teacher

February 2019 Ontario, CA
“I love getting to know all the kids and building relationships with them. ”
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