OneWorld Health

About OneWorld Health

The goal of OneWorld Health is to fill the gap between the underfunded/overburdened public healthcare system and the unaffordable private system. It is the vision of OneWorld Health to see impoverished communities take ownership in a sustainable healthcare model, so that they become empowered to bring about long-term change and tangible improvements in their health and quality of life. Each OneWorld Health medical center offers a full scope of healthcare services to the community, including a full range of diagnostic laboratory tests and a fully stocked pharmacy, both of which rival the services generally only available in urban areas. OneWorld Health also provides primary healthcare services and emergent maternity services. These services are delivered by well-trained national staff and offered at a price point that is affordable to the overwhelming majority of the population. Patient fees are generated from services rendered and offset the costs of operating the center, eventually meeting or exceeding the total monthly operating costs. Each center is designed to reach operational sustainability within 18 months of opening.


Research Development Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Omaha, NE
“The research was very interesting. I did research on violence and crime in the South Omaha area. ”
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