NYPD Police Cadets Corps

About NYPD Police Cadets Corps

The mission of the Police Cadet Corps is to recruit the best candidates possible with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of college graduates within the uniformed ranks of the NYPD. The Police Cadet Corps is a public-service apprenticeship for college students that not only provides 1,800 tours of training and work experience over two years, but incentive for these students to permanently join the NYPD's ranks as uniform members. This is accomplished by integrating Cadets into the daily operations of the Department.


Police Cadet

February 2018 New York City, NY
“Great pay. Great internship for those who want to work with the NYPD in the future. Puts school first than the job.”

NYPD Police Cadet

July 2018 College Point, NY
“The NYPD Cadet Internship has opened my eyes to continue to pursue in the Legal Field. I had studied the regulations that an NYPD Officer would do at the academy. This was not only an educational experience, but fitness as well. I had learned to take care of my body and do the intense workouts because once you are a PO (Police Officer), you will have to fit for DUTY and fit to serve and protect your community.”
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