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About NuMinds Enrichment

Brilliant young minds don’t always get all the intellectual nutrition they need from their daily diet of school and extracurriculars. In 2013, our co-founders were driven by the vision that NuMinds Enrichment could provide a layer of intellectual support beyond the traditional classroom. Our programs are designed to spark enthusiasm, interest, and discovery of passions and talents.
Driven by our mission to make the world think deeply via real, inspired learning, NuMinds creates engaging, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) after-school programs and camps throughout the year. Our teachers receive special training for mixed-age teaching to accommodate advanced learners and gifted and talented students who might otherwise be unable to access the material appropriate for their level due to age restrictions. From full-day enrichment events, to week-long academic camps, and dynamic training for both parents and teachers, we strive to fuel the “Edvolution” in thinking and learning for the 21st century.


Summer Inspirator

June 2023 - July 2023 Dallas, TX
“I loved working with this company because they were caring and equitable. They were very supportive, as I have little classroom experience. However, they worked with me and it was a wonderful learning experience. As an aspiring teacher, it was a great experience to work with students in a small class size with pre-planned lessons. I would highly recommend working for this company. I love their mission statement and how much they value teachers/"inspirators." ”
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