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NTR financial (with offices in Rolling Meadows IL, Corpus Christi TX, Richmond VA, Philadelphia, PA, and Tampa FL (pictured here in the Sun Trust building) provides real debt reduction and financial wealth planning services to clients of every income demographic. Our services include client financial evaluation and education, to power the development of investments that are financially wise and that will lead to financial freedom in retirement. From budget management to personal planned spending advising, we educate our clients in the easiest ways to save money and most importantly exactly how to invest the savings to earn high returns with a large selection of TOP financial providers in the USA. Many of our developed plans have historically averaged over 12%*** with no downside losses due to market fluctuations. And best of all we provide ongoing real actionable advice and ongoing support at no charge to the clients. We offer Internships (both F2F and Virtual), as well as On The Job training that leads to State Licensure testing. Our results speak for themselves - An industry-leading PASS rate! - From Life and Health Insurance licenses to Series 6, 63, 65, and even the 26 agency advisor licenses we have opportunities at locations throughout the USA and Canada. We provide amazing entrepreneurial opportunities for our associates to even move into agency office ownership.
Join our team, earn experience and your license VIRTUAL- Our Interns are fully trained to complete & pass the state-required exams and all related expenses are paid for on their behalf for all aspects of the program (no reimbursement is required). At the end of the internship, students keep their state license and the entire client base that has been developed on their behalf. At every point, the focus is to have the intern learn our Financial Needs Analysis process, Debt Management, and Emergency Fundings support processes, and once licensed they work with top USA companies to evaluate the proper asset protection, financial wealth building contracts, as well as legacy planning. Our internship is designed to be for licensure attainment and providing students a top hands-on training environment with real clients.

***past performance is not an indicator of future performance.



May 2019 Plano, TX
“This agency has changed my life in a more positive way than I could have imagined. I had been curious for a few years about entrepreneurship but had no idea where to begin and how to get the kind of support I needed without paying an arm and a leg. When I found this opportunity, I was a little daunted by the financial aspect of it (my background is in psychology), but knew that worst case scenario, 3 things would happen: 1) I would receive really great financial education that I knew I needed, 2) I would, at the very least, learn about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship so that I could make a more informed decision about whether it is the professional path I want to take, and 3) I would get to experience something new and out of my comfort zone, and as a self-development/personal growth junkie, that was very appealing to me. What I did not expect was that what I thought would just be a two-month long summer internship actually became the beginning of the rest of my life. I knew very quickly that this is what had been missing from my life and I just didn't realize it. The level of support, positivity, loyalty, and training that you get is not something you will find in the corporate world. You get the opportunity to work for yourself but never by yourself, make amazing money (once you are properly licensed, which can be knocked out very quickly), and change society one family at a time. You get to go on free trips all over the country and all over the world, you get to attend exciting and inspirational conventions all over the country and hear some of the most emotional rags to riches stories from people just like you and me who started in the business having no idea what to do and are now financially independent, you get world-class business AND personal development training, you never have to answer to a boss, worry about being let go or fired, or feel like you are competing for resources and promotions with others in the business. For this reason, I have decided to continue growing my business with them while I finish up my doctoral degree at UT Dallas - once I have graduated, I am going full-time immediately because it is what I want to do for the rest of my life. The mission of the agency is no family left behind, and they truly practice what they preach. This opportunity could potentially change your life - who knows, maybe it isn't for you, and that's okay - but what do you have to lose?”


June 2019 - July 2019 Richmond, VA
“I liked the learning experience I received when preparing for my Insurance Licensure Exam.”
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