Noya Jibon

About Noya Jibon

We are Noya Jibon: The World’s New Fashion Brand. Our objective is to provide innovative, affordable fashion that is made fairly.

It’s far too often that exploitation takes place within the fashion industry. Thus, we have pioneered the “Made Fairly Index” — a global standard of manufacturing standards encompassing a minimum wage, minimum working standards, and the minimum benefits that should be granted to garment factory employees everywhere.

We will be starting development of our first factory later this year in Dhaka, Bangladesh following our Empowered Campaign. There, we will implement our Made Fairly Index and simultaneously manufacture for both Noya Jibon and other Made Fairly Index fashion brands through our parent company Jibontex.

Join The Shift as we push for our fashion to be Made Fairly.


Marketing Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 New York City, NY
“Learned how to use e-commerce websites”
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