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NowPow, whose name is a play on knowledge is power, is a women-owned and led technology business based on Chicago’s south side. NowPow’s technology platform is a multi-sided, community resource network management solution that enables care professionals to manage and close the loop on health and social service referrals. The platform helps people get the care they need whether they are managing chronic health and social conditions or just staying well.

Built on the scientific research of Dr. Stacy Lindau’s CommunityRx project, a $5.8 million Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) innovation award, NowPow pioneers the idea of “e-prescribing” community resources at the point of care. Integrating with all major hospital and doctor electronic health record systems, NowPow produces customized community resource e-prescriptions that extend, complement and complete care plans given to the patient by providers. NowPow generates the personalized e-prescriptions by applying a rigorous matching methodology to our enormous inventory of community services and an individual’s personal health and social conditions.


NowPow is owned by Dr. Stacy Lindau and Rachel Kohler. Dr. Lindau, NowPow’s founder and Chief Innovation Officer, is a practicing physician and a tenured faculty member at the University of Chicago Medical Center for over 17 years. Rachel Kohler, NowPow’s Chief Executive Officer and a social impact investor, is also a trustee at the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Medical Center and chairs the Maclean Center for Medical Ethics.

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