About Novomer

Novomer was founded in 2004 to develop and commercialize technologies that use carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as feedstocks for the sustainable production of chemicals identical [equivalent] to known high volume commodity chemicals presently made from petroleum feedstock. Following successful
commercialization of Novomer’s CO2 based platform, the “Converge Polyols” patent portfolio and operations were sold in 2016. Novomer is now focused exclusively on commercializing the remaining carbon monoxide based COEth™ platform. The COEth™ platform has yielded a range of renewable chemicals and bio-degradable polymers for use in consumer and industrial applications. Novomer’s intellectual property is protected globally with more than 300 patents and patent applications.



July 2018 - September 2018 Rochester, NY
“Good work culture/office environment. Coworkers were very friendly. Good opportunity to contribute to the company.”
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