Northstar Christian Academy

About Northstar Christian Academy

Northstar Christian Academy is a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church of Rochester, New York

We believe that NCA is an extension of the home in that the parents, having the primary responsibility for educating their children, have asked NCA to partner with them in fulfilling that purpose.

The Mission of Northstar Christian Academy is to:

Glorify God
Establish the scriptures as the final, absolute authority
Provide a distinctly Christian environment for the student body
Teach traditional course offerings from a biblical worldview
Promote excellence in the realm of the spiritual, academic, social and physical components of life
Encourage the student body to be conformed to the image of Christ, holy, self-disciplined and responsible
Prepare disciples of Jesus Christ for Christian service, encouraging the student(s) to seek God’s purpose for them in this life


Daycare Provider

May 2019 - December 2019 Rochester, NY
“I enjoyed working with kids on homework, playing with them, taking them on field trips, etc. This job gave me a lot of insight into what types of things I will do when I become a teacher.”

Daycare teacher

June 2018 Rochester, NY
“The ability to work with children, and gain more experience in my field in education. ”
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