Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

About Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District protects public health and the environment by leading effective wastewater and stormwater management. As the largest wastewater treatment provider in the State of Ohio, the Sewer District spans 380 square miles, serves 62 communities and one million residents, and treats 90 billion gallons of wastewater a year.

In addition to its award-winning treatment plant and laboratory performance, the Sewer District’s Project Clean Lake construction program will reduce annual Lake Erie pollution by 4 billion gallons by 2036, while its Regional Stormwater Management Program addresses widespread inter-community problems like flooding, pollution, and erosion.


Project Controls Paraprofessional Intern

June 2019 Cleveland, OH
“I enjoy working with such a diverse group of people. I learned more than just what was posted on the job description. I learned about professionalism in the workplace, time management skills, & the importance of networking- all important for my future. I also enjoyed all the relationships I built with my co workers.”
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I'd like to know what I should be ready for when interviewed for a water quality paraprofessional role within the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District!

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Can anyone here describe a day in the life of a water quality paraprofessional working for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District?

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