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About North Lake Physical Therapy

North Lake Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, opened our first clinic located in Lake Oswego, Oregon in 1987. Since that time we have grown to 11 Portland area clinics with a continued focus on our patients and their individual needs. Our team is made up of well-educated and highly credentialed therapists and support staff that are here to help each patient reduce pain, regain mobility and improve the quality of their life.

North Lake’s physical therapists are focused on developing an individualized treatment plan for each of our patients, paying attention to the personal goals of each person we treat. Your goals might be getting through your day pain free, being able to return to work again, or to shave off a few minutes from your marathon time. Whatever your goal is, we have years of experience treating patients of all ages and varied physical abilities and are here to help you make progress toward your goals.

Our physical therapy clinics work to become an important part of each community we work within. From sponsoring high school sports teams to community runs, we appreciate being part of what makes each community we work in a great place to live and work.


Physical Therapy Aide Internship

September 2022 Portland, OR
“I enjoy the work environment at North Lake PT as they are all positively motivated to help patients. Each working individual has made connections with the patients and has familiarized themselves with the injury at hand. Everyone there is kind and supportive and they only want the best for their patients and staff. The staff motivates me to get involved and engage in hands-on activities to ensure my learning progress. The staff is also friendly and helpful in answering questions I have.”
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