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“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” With these words, Jesus clearly taught the purpose of the church and of individual believers. Salt and light are objects that invade and transform their environment. Christ transforms believers (making us a new creation), and then uses us to transform our world. We are world changers, changed by the love of Christ and changing our world with his love. Transformed by His love, transforming our world with His love. We want to be believers who passionately live in Christ and live out Christ. As we live in relationship with Christ we are transformed by His truth and love. As we reach and live out the nature of Christ to others they are touched by His truth and love. To be salt and light to our world we, the church, must be a church without walls. That is, a church that is easily accessible to those seeking new life in Jesus, and one that urges believers to go outside the walls of the church to touch and transform people and culture within their sphere of influence. When we gather we are in the locker room, worshiping and being trained to be more efficient on the playing field of life. As we live our lives we are the church scattered, being salt and light in our individual spheres of influence. What is clear from Jesus’ words is that his plan to redeem the world includes us! We can’t be passive. We are the program. The end result of this is transformed people, transforming our world.


Children's Ministry

August 2015 Carlsbad, CA
“I loved the way children's faces lit up when they came into the classroom. The children that cried as they came in grew less uneasy with each visit. Each staff member was godly and helpful.”
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