North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

About North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

NCHRC is a comprehensive harm reduction program. NCHRC engages in grassroots advocacy, resource development, coalition building and direct services for people impacted by drug use, sex work, overdose, gender, STIs, HIV and hepatitis. NCHRC also provides resources and support to the law enforcement, public health and provider communities.

We believe that the key to bringing law enforcement, sex workers, injection drug users and others who engage in high-risk activities and services closer to prevention and health services is to treat every person, regardless of their circumstance or condition, with dignity and respect. NCHRC’s nonjudgmental approach allows our members to move through a process of self- discovery and self-empowerment at their own pace. By developing relationships based on honesty, community, tolerance and cooperation, our staff helps people live healthier and more fulfilling lives while raising the health index of the community.

Harm reduction refers to a range of public health policies designed to reduce the harmful consequences associated with drug use, sex work and other high risk activities. Harm reduction is an alternative and, in some cases, a complement to the more conventional approaches of demand and supply reduction.

“The help I got from the harm reduction program was more than just clean equipment, it was about being with people who didn’t judge me for my addiction, and who really wanted to help.” - Sam, a former drug user and sex worker in North Carolina

NCHRC's main offices are in Wilmington and Raleigh, NC, but we also have staff in Fayetteville, Durham, Waynesville, Statesville, Greensboro and Greenville. In addition, we have consultants all over the state. Our staff and consultants are frequently doing work in the community, so please call before visiting any of our sites.


Student Intern

December 2019 Wilmington, NC
“NCHRC offers an open and welcoming environment, the employees are extremely kind and the participants offer a wonderful world view.”
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