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About Nexus Brand Group

Nexus Brand Group is an eCommerce consulting agency that provides end-to-end strategy and management with a specialization in Amazon. We focus on everything digital from content marketing, digital advertising, product/brand launch strategy, eCommerce strategy, and logistics. Our clients with brands ranging from start-ups to industry-leaders.


Digital Marketing Intern

May 2021 Minneapolis, MN
“I was told at initially that it would be a different experience to take an internship at a start up versus a prominently established company/corporation. While I was hesitant at first, I haven't looked back or ever regretted my decision. The "different" experience that I've been offered at Nexus has been an opportunity to have more say over my learning experiences. While the core workload is directly related to Ecommerce and primarily Amazon's selling platforms, I've also been able to garner experience and work within fields that I've expressed interest in like advertising. There's been plenty of opportunity to gain experience in a number of different fields of Ecommerce and marketing. The internship is all encompassing and true to it's name. The smaller size of the company gives it a very intimate and personal feel. I've never felt like Chris or Tommy has been too busy when I've had questions. The feel of the company is conducive to a learning environment. ”

Digital Marketing Intern

May 2019 - May 2020 Minneapolis, MN
“Nexus Brand Group provides an internship experience unlike most. Interns are given the opportunity to boost their E-Commerce and Marketing skills by working through projects on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other major platforms. As an intern I learned how to properly manage tasks, write SEO copy, analyze data, and even interface with clients later on in the role. The internship demands advanced time management, problem solving, and analysis skills that prepared me for the full time role I am in now. Given it is a smaller organization, I was able to wear many hats over the course of my internship that allowed me to thrive in business situations post college. ”
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