Nexar, Inc.

About Nexar, Inc.

Nexar’s mission is to rid the world of traffic crashes. We are using the technology that all of us carry all the time, our smartphones, to create the first over-the-top vehicle-to-vehicle in the world. We use AI, machine vision, sensor fusion, real-time networking and quite a few other buzzwords to create a new, delightful, and really safe, driving experience, powered by your smartphone, with the potential of saving the 1,300,000 people who die on the road every year.

Our founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with a grand vision and we are looking for mission-driven individuals who bring a balance of relentless hunger for growth and interpersonal skills that will represent Nexar in every market we grow in.

The Nexar network is growing at an incredible rate. We’re live on the App Store, and are currently focused on building networks in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, and New York. After only 1.5 years in operations we are ready to scale the Nexar network to many more cities. This is your chance to join a company with an incredibly deep vision and a world-changing mission. If aggressive growth is in your DNA, and changing the world is in your soul, your place is with us.


Growth and Development Intern

June 2017 - August 2017 Tel Aviv, Gush Dan
“Independence, city, office culture”
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