If you've worked at NBC, how would you describe the company culture?

Because I worked nights, I didn’t get to experience much of the company culture. It is a nice organization to work for with a ton of history, so people will respect or acknowledge you more. However, the news industry has its struggles and I felt the morning shows were understaffed.
NBC Media Company Culture
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What should I know before an interview at NBCUniversal?

Yes! The interview process to interview at NBCUniversal involves two or three interviews. First, the video interview, in which applicants must video record their interview answers from prompted answers through third party service. This preliminary interview asks questions that are generally tailo...
NBC Interview Media
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What does a Page Program intern actually do at NBC?

This is a hard question to answer, because the program is so different now. But as a rotational program, no day is truly the same. You will be exposed to all different aspects of the company, and immersed in the various departments NBCU has to offer via different assignments.
NBC Internship Media Day in the Life Human Resources Rotational Program
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What's it like working at top media companies like NBC or CBS?

As an intern in the Investigations dept. of CBS, I was constantly answering the pipeline and vetting potential stories. I did tons of background research for reporters and producers and then presented them with findings. I sat in on daily meetings to determine what would be covered each day on-ai...
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How well does NBCUniversal uphold their stated company values?

NBCUniversal is one of the finest companies one could hope to work for. They understand the responsibility they have to viewers to create content that educates, enriches and entertains, and that starts with the employees. NBCUniversal prides itself on cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce...
NBC Values Media
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How much could I make as a shot logger working at NBCUniversal ?

I believe my pay was $10/hr. It doesn't seem like a ton, but since I worked during the Olympics most people were working about 60 hours/week, and you did receive time and a half for overtime.
NBC Compensation
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Can anybody tell me what a sales Intern at NBCUniversal actually does?

I worked there over 5 years ago and at the time interns were tasked to prospect and cold call different categories to make appointments for the sales team at NBC.
NBC Internship Day in the Life Sales
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Do I get any work ownership as an Olympics intern for NBCUniversal?

You will have 100% ownership over your work. Your work is your work, both your opportunity to standout and your responsibility to follow through. Although the work may not always be glamourous, it’s important to show a positive attitude and enthusiasm when interacting with others.
NBC Internship Work Ownership
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Does anybody know how much an intern might make at NBCUniversal ?

Olympic interns based in the U.S. were paid $10/hr in 2016. Olympic interns abroad were offered airfare, and on location housing in additionan to wages.
NBC Internship Compensation
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So what's it like to spend a day in the life of a content producer at NBCUniversal?

As for many jobs, no two days are the same for Content Producers. Because the news is a 24/7 business, you won’t be working standard hours and weekdays. For me, I started work around midnight or 1 a.m. to prepare for the morning newscasts, starting at 4:30 and ending at 7. Usually, I would go in ...
NBC Media Producer Day in the Life
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How much work ownership can I expect going into the Page program at NBC Universal?

As a Page for NBCUniversal, you should expect a high level of ownership for your work. You are expected to produce high quality work as a representative of the Page Program (that has company-wide recognition). Everyone employed in the company knows what a Page is and thus, has expectations. Not t...
NBC Internship Media Work Ownership Rotational Program
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Does anyone know the average compensation for members of the Page program at NBC?

The compensation for a Page (in my time) was $12/hr, however, it was set to increase to match federal minimum wage within the next couple years.
NBC Internship Compensation Media Rotational Program
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For anybody with a human communication degree, who works at NBC, what skills did you develop that they found valuable?

As a Human Communication BA major I developed several skills that made me valuable to NBCUniversal. The first being interpersonal skills. This skill set is crucial in any internship. You must be able to effectively communicate in your work environment to be successful. I also developed how to be ...
NBC Media College Major Public Relations
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I'm quite interested in a human resources intern position at NBC. How much work ownership and accountability can I expect in this role?

The Human Resources Internship with NBCUniversal is so beneficial to a college student because it teaches you how to take ownership of your work. It is not "go grab a coffee for me" kind of internship. You are desalinated tasks each day and fully responsible for executing them in a timely manner....
NBC Internship Media Human Resources Work Ownership
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Curious about human resources intern positions at NBC - how much do they make?

The compensation for this internship varies depending on what sector of the organization you work for. But it is always above minimum wage. In the range of $12.50-17.50
NBC Internship Compensation Media Human Resources
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What does a production assistant normally do at NBC Universal?

Your job as a PA is entirely dependent upon the production, but the goal is the same: to help wherever you can to ensure that production runs as smoothly as possible. As an intern at Late Night and The Tonight Show, my job was to assist the PAs with any tasks -- large or small. This can range fro...
NBC Media Day in the Life Production Associate Production Assistant
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Anybody participate in the NBC Page Program that's a journalism major as well? What made you go with this program?

I had spent several years interning at NBC prior to graduating, and knew the best way to get a job was via the Page Program. Now, being on the HR-team, I encourage all of our interns, regardless of their majors to pursue the Page Program, as it is the premiere early career rotational program in t...
NBC Journalism Media College Major Rotational Program
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What to expect from a typical day as a graphic design intern at NBC Universal?

As an intern, I was able to work on projects daily that exposed me to tons of different content on every single project. I would have the opportunity to network with my co-workers, participate in projects on the side to build my skill-set, and get adjusted to the fast-paced workflow of the industry.
NBC Internship Media Day in the Life Graphic Design
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Have any of you media studies and production majors out there developed skills that NBC Universal employers find valuable?

As an MSP major I’ve gained valuable hands on experience that that I have been able to implement in my various internships at NBCUniversal. Learning to create media and video content and see a project from start to finish at school has given me the confidence to pitch ideas and projects and deliv...
NBC Media College Major Product Design/Packaging
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Do physical production intern have any ownership of work at NBC Universal?

As a physical production intern at Focus Features you won’t have much ownership over your work. It’s a Film Studio and you are working on and reading scripts that are owned by the studio and all of the information is “classified”. You don’t really get to take anything you work on home or use it f...
NBC Internship Media Film Work Ownership Production
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