National Multiple Sclerosis Society

About National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) is working towards creating a supportive ecosystem for the MS community in the UAE.

Our mission is to better the lives of people living with MS and their communities in the UAE. We do this through promoting educational and wellness programs, working hand in hand with an international and regional network of partners advocating for access to better care, supporting and funding cutting edge research in the UAE and globally, and educating the public on earlier diagnosis and providing world-class care.


Internal Communications Intern

September 2023 - December 2023 Denver, CO
“I liked several aspects of the internship and have narrowed down three. The staff is the first major point which I wanted to address and the most important section as the staff can make or break an internship. My supervisor was fantastic and my interactions with various staff were extremely welcoming and inclusive. All my exchanges furthered my understanding of the company, and everyone was eager to help me. Additionally, intern coordinators often asked what they could do to improve our experiences. The second major point is the work and responsibilities which I was tasked with. Jobs varied in importance and were based upon my competency and progress in previous tasks. My supervisor was very diligent in constantly providing me with new challenges but enough support where I never felt overwhelmed by my responsibilities. The third point of importance is opportunities. The Society provided me with so many occasions to further my professional learning. I did not expect such support and generosity in tailoring this experience based upon my skills, hopes, and expectations. ”

Bike MS

May 2023 - August 2023 Phoenix, AZ
“I enjoyed how passionate my team was for MS - it has inspired me during my job search before and after graduation. The Society cares for not only those impacted by MS, but takes great care of employees. They provided an opportunity of a lifetime while making sure I got the experience I needed for after graduation. The Society provides a positive, inclusive and welcoming workplace environment. ”
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