National Energy Technology Laboratory

About National Energy Technology Laboratory

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory system, is owned and operated by the DOE. NETL supports the DOE mission to advance the energy security of the United States.

NETL implements a broad spectrum of energy and environmental research and development (R&D) programs that will return benefits for generations to come. These include:
Enabling domestic coal, natural gas, and oil to economically power our Nation’s homes, industries, businesses, and transportation.
Protecting our environment and enhancing our energy independence.

NETL has expertise in coal, natural gas, and oil technologies; contract and project management; analysis of energy systems; and international energy issues.

In addition to research conducted onsite, NETL’s project portfolio includes R&D conducted through partnerships, cooperative research and development agreements, financial assistance, and contractual arrangements with universities and the private sector. Together, these efforts focus a wealth of scientific and engineering talent on creating commercially viable solutions to national energy and environmental problems.


Mickey Leland Energy Fellow

June 2020 - August 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
“I loved the fact that my research was relevant to what I'm interested in and within my field of study. My advisor was very helpful and encouraging, and the program staff were very friendly and created many opportunities like speaker events and research talks that helped with engagement in the virtual platform of the job. As an intern, it was very satisfying to create work that is relevant, applicable and will improve the current energy systems. ”

Engineering Intern

July 2019 South Park, PA
“National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) introduced me to how working in research and development is outside of university. Overall, I enjoyed the process of how a research project went from an idea on paper to a fully funded study in the lab. ”
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