National Constitution Center

Admissions Associate

June 2019 • Philadelphia, PA

What I liked

I want to work in the field of curatorial or preservation work in museums after graduation. This job was the perfect way to begin to get experience for this niche field that I want to get into. I loved my coworkers and we were a great support team for each other. It was great "adult experience" for me because I was living in an apartment with friends in Philly (which is the city I want to move to after I graduate), paying bills, and overall getting a taste of the independent life that I want after I graduate.

What I wish was different

I tried to commute into Philly to work there during the school semester, but it's an hour commute each way through public transportation. Balancing school and work was a challenge for me so I had to temporarily stop working there. My job is still secured for me so I can come back for breaks, but I wish that I could have more time in my schedule to work there. This is not the job's fault at all. Otherwise, this job was absolutely perfect and I would not have changed anything.


I am great with people and can get along with almost everyone. What I did not realize before working this job, was how important it is to work alongside people that you not only tolerate, but genuinely like. You are going to spend a lot of time with these people so it is important to get along with them or else the work day is going to seem to go by so slow.
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