Nan Inc.

Project Engineer

June - July 2018 • Kapolei, HI

What I liked

I was a project engineering on a job site where we were building a new middle school. I got to the site during the first couple months so I got experience the project from the beginning during the excavation period and when I left, walls of the buildings were going up. Most of my internship consisted of looking at drawings of the school and getting the right dimensions and materials for buildings. My favorite part of this internship was stepping outside of the trailer where we worked, and being able to see the work that I did in the office applied in the job site.

What I wish was different

I wish that I was given more opportunities to help the company on a large scale. Most of my task were smaller and menial, but I was given one big project where I was given a 2 million dollar budget for all of the steel in the school and my job was to see how I could save the company money through contacting various steel manufactures, subcontractors and transportation cost. I manage to save the company over $700,000 in their steel budget.


Always say yes. That is what my professor/advisor told me when I got the internship. She said to always say yes when asked to do something because that will give you the most opportunities to experience various jobs and roles within the company. This is a internship so you are there to learn as much as you can.
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