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About Music & Arts

Music & Arts is a nation-wide music retailer and is a part of the Guitar Center Enterprise. Our enterprise is inclusive of five major brands- Guitar Center, Music & Arts, WWBW.COM,, who together represent the worlds largest music retail presence.

In addition to our corporate headquarters and distribution centers being located in Maryland, Music & Arts has 16 locations in throughout Maryland and another 220+ retail locations throughout the nation. Music & Arts is slated for heavy growth in 2020-2021 and we're looking for part-time, full-time and individuals geared towards management. We offer ample opportunity for upward mobility, opportunity for lateral transitions to our support and distribution centers, competitive pay, 401K, paid vacation, sick time, gig leave as well as full health, dental and vision insurance plans offered through Aetna, among many other benefits


Strings teacher

November 2018 Bowling Green, KY
“I love getting hands on experience teaching string instruments. It helps remind me what I'm going to school for since it can be difficult. However it's all worth it because it opens many opportunities for me to teach.”
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