MU International Trade Center

About MU International Trade Center

The International Trade Center utilizes the time and talent of student interns and MU faculty, along with cutting-edge trade databases, to conduct customized research to meet your business needs.

The information can be used to effectively evaluate global market opportunities in a timely, meaningful and affordable way.

Working with the International Trade Center better positions your business to strategically enter or expand in the global marketplace.

Work with us to:
Assist with export strategy development and planning
Research potential export markets and assist in assessing foreign market opportunities
Secure actionable data that can be used to make informed and timely market entry or expansion decisions
Connect your company to additional resources and expertise in the areas of export finance, shipping, documentation and compliance
Meet your international trade education needs
Partner with the International Trade Center:
As a select member of the International Trade Market Research Consortium — securing access to customized market research reports and dedicated research hours
As a research project participant — to gather information about specific market opportunities or industry trends that your business can act upon
To secure unbiased guidance, consultation and training that supports export growth and development
Focus on the future.
The International Trade Center works with:

to aid international decision making and to promote economic growth.

the next generation of business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and employees who enhance their global trade knowledge and understanding through your project.

Expect confidentiality.
Every client interaction or project engagement entered into by the International Trade Center is done in strict confidence. We recognize the sensitivity of your company’s information. Faculty and students working with clients sign a Code of Conduct Agreement each semester that emphasizes client confidentiality.


Market Research Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Prague, Prague
“I liked the aspect of working in a team and presenting a final presentation of our recommendations to the company. ”
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