About MTI

MTI has remained a privately held company “compassionately” committed to excellence and customer service. Our business philosophy and corporate culture are more than two decades in the making. We believe that our company culture, values, and superior service standards are what define the “MTI Story”.

MTI helps insurance carriers, TPA’s, and employers focus on the value of health decisions with an integrated suite of solutions combining clinical excellence, technology and superior customer service. Before proposing a solution, our approach is to understand your underlying business issues and needs.

Many clients come to us with a business problem, and not necessarily a vendor supply problem. We listen and help identify growth objectives, profitability goals, competitive issues and cost/service trade-offs. It is the best way to see if our resources, revenues and profitability connect.


Engineering Intern

May 2019 Pleasant Prairie, WI
“The community was very welcoming, and I was always busy learning new items. ”
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