Mt. Lebanon Baptist Camp

About Mt. Lebanon Baptist Camp

With a 1200 person capacity for lodging, food service, education and recreation, the facilities of Mt. Lebanon provide an ideal setting for teaching, worship, fellowship and spiritual growth for many types of groups. The Christian camping experience is transformational for children, teens, and adults – and can set them on a life-long course for productive Christian living.

Statement of Beliefs
We believe that the Bible is the holy and inspired Word of God, and that it is of supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We believe the teachings of the Bible are relevant to people today and serve as the authoritative guide for life and ministry.

We believe salvation is a gift of God through faith in His only Son, Jesus Christ.

We value every person and desire to love people as Christ loves us and to serve others in Jesus’ name.

Statement of Purpose
Mt. Lebanon Encampment exists primarily for the purpose of providing an environment for Christian worship, training, discipleship, evangelism and recreation.

Mt. Lebanon encourages the use of its facilities and properties by all Christian groups, denominational agencies, and collegiate organizations whose purposes and objectives are compatible with the statements of beliefs and purpose of Mt. Lebanon Encampment.

Mt. Lebanon allows non-profit groups, schools, service organizations who agree to observe the rules and policies of Mt. Lebanon to use its facilities.

In keeping with the purpose of Mt. Lebanon, the encampment administrator has the authority to schedule or refuse the use of Mt. Lebanon’s facilities.

Mt. Lebanon is owned and operated by the Dallas Baptist Association: Dr. Bob Dean, Executive Director.

DBA Mission Statement
The Dallas Baptist Association exists to assist our churches individually and cooperatively in fulfilling the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:18-20)


Mt. Lebanon summer staff

May 2019 - August 2019 Cedar Hill, TX
“It was my favorite job of all time. I loved the community and friends that develops amongst fellow summer staffers. ”
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