About mpowered

mpowered's mission is to empower people to transform their financial futures so that we may achieve our vision of financial security for all. Our three programs serve the low-to moderate-income communities of the Denver Metro Area in order to alleviate the stress caused by financial insecurity. Most of our clients have jobs that don’t pay a living wage, credit issues, and heavy debt loads which prevent financial stability, a large-scale social determinant of health. We know that financial stress affects people’s physical health, workplace performance, and it can have a generational impact, causing a cycle of financial insecurity.

Each year we serve nearly 3,000 individuals and families through our programs which include Financial Coaching, Financial Education, and Debt Management. We empower families to achieve financial goals including the establishment and improvement of credit, budgeting, savings, asset building, and overall financial wellbeing.


Fund Development Intern with CU PIIE

May 2019 - July 2019 Lakewood, CO
“I loved my experience at mpowered as I got to see the background management of how a nonprofit is managed and runs efficiently. ”
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