Movement Church

About Movement Church

We believe that the goal for every disciple of Jesus is to become fully mature — formed into looking and living more like Jesus. Where our instincts, desires and habits begin to take the shape of the loving, sacrificial and generous person of Christ.

This is why we teach, study, pray and disciple.

We believe that this formation happens best in the context of community — a local body of people that gather together as the church to share life. God adopts us into His family and shapes us by His Spirit working through His people as we follow the way of Jesus.

This is why we gather on Sundays, in homes, over meals and in small groups.

We believe our formation isn’t just for ourselves but ultimately for the sake of our neighbors and this world. Jesus says that we are His body — a real extension of His presence, goodness and mission to restore all things. We gather together to be encouraged and shaped so we can scatter to be light and love to those around us!

This is why we open our doors for Alpha, work to love families in the Foster Care system, serve Oaklands schools and teachers and give to the needs of our neighbors.

We desire to be a home for both skeptics and saints to be loved and to know Jesus. A place where followers of Jesus can mature together as well as a place where skeptics can explore the faith. This family is open to all people.


UX/UI and Software Engineering Intern

May 2018 Oakland, CA
“I loved working with a small company. The entire company met together 1-2 times a week, and I got to hear from the marketing, design, and engineering sides of the company. I also got to weigh in on all of these things and ask questions. The best part was seeing my contributions really make a difference in the company. I was able to create a new feature that is currently front and center on the application and is used in different places throughout the app. While this was very challenging, it was rewarding to know that I was truly helping the company advance and I was learning faster than I have ever learned anything in my life. ”

Software Engineer Intern

July 2018 Oakland, CA
“Learning new technologies, meeting awesome people, working on a project that is very meaningful to me personally.”
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