Mountain Lake Lodge

About Mountain Lake Lodge


Where You Come As Friends And Leave As Family.

Set in the middle of a 2,600 nature preserve and surrounded by Appalachian Mountains, rustic and historic Mountain Lake Lodge is the ultimate retreat. Breathe in crisp, fresh air, dine on gourmet fare and build family memories with fun indoor and outdoor activities. We offer a variety of accommodations, from rustic cabins and cozy cottages to lodging in our historic Main Stone Lodge. Expansive meeting and event venues set the stage for romantic weddings and relaxing business events. Arrive to an unhurried pace and enjoy adventure and comfort in the heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.


Hotel Front Desk Clerk

May 2021 - September 2021 Pembroke, VA
“I liked how easy-going the front desk staff was. They truly made my experience worth while and helped me with anything I had questions with. Some of them I am still friends with today. ”

Mary’s Market cashier

May 2018 Pembroke, VA
“I liked the atmosphere and my coworkers. ”
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