McBride Construction Resources, Inc.

Administrative Assistant

May 2020 - September 2021 • Burien, WA

What I liked

The work environment was really chill and cooperative. The people were really nice and willing to teach me the tips and tricks of the job. The job itself wasn't very demanding, and management allowed me to work on personal things when it got slow or when I had completed my tasks for the day. Furthermore, it was nice to work with people and get to interact with them on a daily basis.

What I wish was different

One thing that I wish had been different was that other people wouldn't have depended on me so much to do small little fixes, like a change in address or stuff like that. I understand why they did, but sometimes it felt like they were asking me to do things based on laziness, not on actual need.


I had a lot of fun and the working staff is really nice and friendly. The phone would ring a lot, so be ready to have conversations over the phone and don't hesitate to transfer them to somebody else if you can't answer the customers' question.
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