May Mobility

About May Mobility

May Mobility is a socially responsible, rapidly growing, mission-driven startup bringing autonomous shuttles to urban areas. Our self-driving microtransit service makes short-distance travel safe, convenient, and personal, allowing people to move effortlessly around the areas where they live and work. In the process, we bring people closer together and help support local economies, making communities more vibrant and livable for everyone. May is located in culturally vibrant Ann Arbor, Michigan, home to the University of Michigan and the most educated city in the USA. May is led by professor Ed Olson and has a quasi-academic culture including participation in peer-reviewed research.

We are seeking graduate and undergraduate level students with machine learning expertise in the areas of video understanding, intent prediction, planning, language, and perception, deep learning and reinforcement learning. Experience with Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP) or other numerical solvers is a plus.


Fleet Attendant

June 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
“I love the social aspect. I get to talk with so many people every day and get along with all the other employees.”
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