Maxwell & Company CPAs, Inc.

Tax Intern

August 2018 • Irvine, CA

What I liked

This company is the perfect place to start if you are looking to break into any area of accounting (not just tax). What is advantageous about a small to mid-sized firm like this as opposed to say one of the big four is that you get to work closely with the CPA's and see a return from start to finish as opposed to having a small insignificant task at one of the big four. In terms of M&Co they treat their employees like family and their interns as equals with opportunities to stay on full time even after the internship. They were extremely flexible with my work schedule as I went to school, made sure I could explore any area of interest, and always thanked me for the time I spent. there. I am incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to have worked here.

What I wish was different


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