Summer Intern

June - September 2020 • New York City, NY

What I liked

I liked that I was able to get a broad range of experience in different areas of a nonprofit setting, ranging from development to operations to finance to program development and beyond. My projects included recoding a vacation day tracker spreadsheet, editing promotional videos, building resources for the high school students we serve, and more. I also liked the workplace culture which is based on feedback, employee well-being, collaboration, and learning from mistakes, among others. Given that I am involved in the nonprofit as a volunteer and as a paid student leader, I enjoyed being able to see the back-end of how the organization is run and get a novel viewpoint. Lastly, I appreciated how much my perspective and voice was valued - I was treated as part of the team and not just given menial tasks to do, but rather valuable work, and I was asked about my personal learning goals so that the internship experience could be tailored to me.

What I wish was different

It was remote, so I wish I had been able to work in the office, but that was due to the pandemic circumstances and not the fault of the organization.


(The internship is an experience open only to current volunteers, called Advising Fellows.) My advice would be not to be afraid to ask questions or acknowledge mistakes - this is far preferable to not speaking up and making things worse. Everyone on the team is very open to this, given that it's stemming from an intent to just do your work as well as you can.
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