Marywood University

2019 Freshman Orientation Chair

November 2018 - September 2019 • Scranton, PA

What I liked

From the beginning all of the work was fulfilling in exciting. I enjoyed every second of the "work" I was given and every person was a pleasure to work with. I got the opportunity to meet many of the individuals that work at Marywood University. It was on of the most fun and rewarding experiences I have had so far in my life.

What I wish was different

I do not wish anything was different about being the Freshman Orientation Chair. I enjoyed every task, challenge, and event that it had to offer.


Find ways to handle the stress. There is so many aspects of Freshman Orientation and so many different working parts that must run as smooth as possible. Furthermore, there is a constant stream of stress occurring from having to do so much at one moment. Being the leader of such an expansive group has everyone looking to you for solutions and so many tasks that need to be completed. By having ways to cope with the stress, it makes the job much more easier and makes the stress seem much less.
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