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With over 2300 students grades preK-12,we have a commitment to providing a rigorous academic curriculum and comprehensive arts, music, and sports programs; Advanced Placement coursework, the Piedmont Regional Governor’s School, the NASA Aerospace Education Lab and ACE associate degree program for high school students. We offer band, art, and foreign language instruction beginning at the elementary level and have a comprehensive K-12 gifted education program. MCPS is also glad to offer a broad range of programs and services for students who would benefit from additional support or challenge and/or be taught in an alternative learning model. We take satisfaction in our inclusive programs for children with disabilities, our full-day 3– and 4-year old preschool program staffed by fully licensed teachers, and district-wide programs for special student interests.

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I'd like to get some advice from any of you who have interviewed for a paraprofessional position within Martinsville City Public Schools!

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