Mandate Democracy Foundation (501c3)

About Mandate Democracy Foundation (501c3)

Mandate Democracy® Recruiting District Reps | Interns | Staff US & lnt'l

--- Participatory Democracy, Governance Reform using online Voting Referenda on Policies & Priorities
--- Votes that Matter -- No matter WHO's elected
--- To surmount dysfunctional, gridlocked and corrupted party-based system
--- We Educate, Empower and Enforce the Voice of the People E Pluribus Unum
--- Watchdog and conduct "No Confidence" Referenda: Step Down
--- Participatory Direct Democracy favored by 67% 2:1 (Pew 2018)
--- 150+ expanding nationwide & international Reps, approved by 264 schools for recruiting

• Quals: All ages & occupations | All political persuasions and belief systems: E Pluribus Unum
Motivated: To unite the Country, universal suffrage, One Person ALL Persons, One vote to meet national needs and aspirations
• ALL LOCATIONS: Nationwide and work from home
• Skillsets: Bring or newly-develop your own: Govt relations | Media & Communications | IT, data analytics | Grassroots civil society
• Level of effort, schedules: Choose your own, home districts or newly assigned, virtual network
• Ideal opportunities: Under/grad students | Add to resume | Adjunct/New 2nd careers | New/older grads/alumni | Bridge generations, ideologies to reconstitute American Freedoms & Democracy

Apply Online: Select interests, upload resumes, Q&As.


The Mandate Democracy Foundation: Recruiting District Reps | Interns | Staff

 What: For End-to-End Governance system to Educate & Empower the Electorate

 Organization: Independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit Foundation , companions PBC for investors

 When: Now -- Ramping up for 2021 State-wide NJ & VA elections, Flexible schedule to suit

 Qualifications: All ages & occupations | All political persuasions, E Pluribus Unum | Motivated to surmount governance dysfunction, gridlock, factionalism for a new paradigm in democratic Governance

 Skillsets: Applied Governance | Social media | IT software, big data analytics | Media & government relations | Political science | Behavioral economics | Interpersonal, grassroots civil society, schools & universities | Research projects

 Locations: Your home congressional district or assigned | Work from home | Office facilities

 Positions: Multi-level to suit | Volunteer | Internships | Part-/Full-time | Flexible schedules

 Candidates: Especially HS, College students | Millennials | Working & Semi/Retired | Gain adjunct career experience & develop 2nd careers

 Apply Online: Handshake or Register your interests, submit resume.


District representative

July 2020 Fairfax, VA
“Flexible arrangement, choose your own work schedule”
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