JLB Restaurant Holdings (Walloon Lake Inn & Barrel Back )


July 2015 • Walloon Lake, MI

What I liked

I absolutely love the high-energy atmosphere! I met some incredible customers that have continuously pushed me to be my absolute best in my five years working at Barrel Back. My co-workers are wonderful people who I will be friends with for a lifetime. I also love that this job has taught me to be patient with people and has forced me to learn problem-solving skills on the fly.

What I wish was different

I wish we had more staff. It is a very hard job to do, both physically and mentally. Between 12 hour days and extreme exhaustion at times, more staff would be greatly appreciated.


This job will give you a backbone if you do not already have one. This job is made for the toughest people I have ever seen/met in my life, and I am proud to be one of them. Every person in this world should be in the food industry at some point to se the amount of time, energy, love, and care that goes into being a waitress, a line cook, a busser, a hostess, a manager. It is hard work and I have a very strong sense of respect for anyone who is in the food industry.
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