Jim N Nick's Community Bar B Que

About Jim N Nick's Community Bar B Que

Jim ‘N Nick’s was founded in Birmingham, AL in 1985 with a commitment to ‘go the extra mile’ in everything we do. From mastering the art of barbecue and traditional scratch-made trimmings to genuinely caring for the neighborhood, we are committed to quality and southern goodness in everything we do. It’s why there are no microwaves, no freezers, and no shortcuts in any of our restaurants. We’ve always understood that great food takes hard work. Each and every day, we show up early and roll up our sleeves to perfectly smoke our meats “low ‘n slow” with hickory wood. We believe you deserve a place where you can unwind and reconnect with family & friends. No matter how you get your Jim ‘N Nick’s, let us serve you like family. There are no egos, no strangers and no need for a button-down. Welcome to Jim ‘N Nick’s!



July 2019 Birmingham, AL
“Fast paced work environment with the ability to make decent money and foster good connections ”


September 2016 - March 2022 Birmingham, AL
“I loved the community! It was the best work environment and I loved the competitive pay. ”
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