JAX Solutions

About JAX Solutions

Jax Solutions is a sales and consulting firm that searches for marketing leaders always interested in a challenge.


Marketing Intern

August 2021 Jacksonville, FL
“I am very satisfied with my internship at Jax Marketing Solutions Inc.! I get a lot of training on various aspects of the business. I get to work on challenging tasks which is great for growth. My supervisor is very attentive and helpful, thriving to contribute to my professional development. Thank you, Jax Solutions, for this valuable experience!”

Finance and Accounting

May 2021 - July 2021 Jacksonville, FL
“I loved working for Jax Solutions as it has given me all the tools and insights on how any type of company or business is run. It enhances basic skills such as communication and analytical skills as well. So far I have learned many tasks and duties as well in a business environment.”
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