Jasci Robotics

About Jasci Robotics

Jasci Robotics designs and manufactures collaborative, autonomous, mobile robotic
systems that increase productivity in manufacturing and distribution centers. The company was
founded to revolutionize material handling for e-retailers, 3PLs, OEMs, manufacturers, and
brick and mortar businesses. Our uniquely dynamic robotic technology dramatically speeds up
execution and increases existing warehouse capacity. Most importantly, by transforming the
nature of work, Jasci Robotics raises employee productivity, job satisfaction and safety to new
levels. Visit


Digital Marketing Intern

October 2019 Salem, NH
“They were extremely flexible with my schedule and hours. They understood that I am a student and worked with me on that. The pay is amazing for an internship. I am included in the marketing and sales meeting and I am allowed to contribute to everything and they always take my suggestions. I am allowed to really apply the skills I have learned from previous internships as well as classes to this internship and have fun with it. ”
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