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About Jane Doe Inc

Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) is a statewide membership coalition, an advocacy organization, a catalyst for change, and so much more. Offering unparalleled leadership in Massachusetts, we are changing the way society views and reacts to sexual and domestic violence in ways that make our communities safer today and for future generations.
JDI is an active partner in state, national and international movements to promote human rights and social justice. We and our members operate from a gender analysis of sexual and domestic violence within a social justice framework. We recognize the intersections of oppression and the critical roles of organizing and advocacy in transforming social norms.
JDI is a network of our members and other supporters. Friends of Jane Doe, White Ribbon Day Ambassadors and Affiliates and Corporate Partners provide critical support to ensure JDI is able to continue its work and achieve its goals.
As the only sexual and domestic violence statewide, non-profit, advocacy, membership organization in Massachusetts, JDI provides expert support and resources to our 60 community based, sexual assault and domestic violence members. These local programs are the hubs of expertise in their communities. They advocate on behalf of victims and offer confidential, crisis and long-term support and services to tens-of-thousands of victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence and their families each year.
Because of our unique relationship with these local experts, JDI is aware of problems facing victims, survivors, their children, and their communities. This relationship with our members informs our efforts to develop viable solutions and provide leadership for meeting the needs of all Massachusetts survivors and communities. JDI’s member centric, victim focused approach ensures that the experiences of survivors and our members drives our prevention, program, and policy advocacy actions.
JDI is a vibrant, effective, and cutting-edge social justice coalition that is making a difference. Innovative programs like our Men’s Engagement Initiative and White Ribbon Campaign show great promise as vehicles for prevention. We collaborate with other systems and professionals that work with victims, survivors and perpetrators, providing information and education about needed improvements. JDI collects and analyzes data, identifies trends, keeps abreast of new research and developments, and produces important recommendations for effective changes.
With our 60 members, 56 other state and US territorial sexual and domestic violence coalitions, and key national partners, JDI remains current on developments in the field; advocates for state and federal funding for life saving services and support; influences policy and practice; and advises state, federal and elected officials.
With our members and corporate partners, as well as other state, national and international partners, the Coalition works for improved responses for victims and accountability for perpetrators. JDI has a strong track record of working with its members and others to improve policies, services and interventions of systems and professionals that make a difference for victims and survivors. These efforts improve safety, healing, and freedom from abuse for all victims and their families in every part of the Commonwealth.


Policy Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Boston, MA
“I absolutely loved interning with JDI this summer! Their staff was incredibly helpful in allowing me to grow and learn about anti-violence work and advocacy. I would recommend their organization to anyone interested in policy and systems change to help those impacted by violence! ”
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