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Good questions to ask an Insight Global recruiter to know the company more?

Ask about the training you will get before going on the phones. Ask about the hours you are expected to work, as well as the promotional structure. A lot of people that I know who lasted longer were constantly promised promotions but it seemed like it was based more on favoritism than work. Essen...
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Interested to hear the life of an IT Recruiter at Insight Global, any takers?

As a recruiter, you’re handling the staffing needs of several Fortune 500 companies. Similarly to Human Resources, you’ll be working as the liaison between a career opportunity that you’re client (I.e. AT&T) is looking to fill & a potential candidate for that particular job (i.e. Software develop...
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What's the culture like at an IT company like Insight Global?

An extension of college. A collaborative, dynamic, open environment filled with recent college grads like yourself. Great energy during morning meetings. It can get quite loud on the sales floor as all 80+ recruiters/account managers are pounding out calls first thing in the morning. Gongs being ...
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What's the best way to secure a potential return offer as an intern at Insight Global?

I would suggest developing a strong relationship with the account manager that you’re currently reporting to, proving to everyone that you’re competent & capable of handling every task assigned to you & last but not least, attend the happy hours, be open to conversation, be friendly, be relatable...
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