HCAP Partners

Financial Analyst

May 2019 • San Diego, CA

What I liked

Working at HCAP Partners has overall been a great experience. Soon after joining the firm, I was given high levels of responsibility where I developed my ability to manage multiple projects at once and refined my ability to conduct thorough and high-quality research. My work and insights were always valued and the investment team always provided thoughtful feedback that helped me progress as an analyst and investor.

What I wish was different

Since working at HCAP, I have been enrolled in classes and have simultaneously worked an additional internship. So, the only thing I wish had been different was the amount of time I had to spend at HCAP and get more reps on deals.


Even though the title of this position was for a financial analyst, the job also included a large marketing component, as many positions in private equity do. This includes conducting market sizings, finding market drivers and risks, and analyzing the competitive landscape. This requires the intellectual curiosity to conduct deep and thoughtful research into a topic.
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