Hawthorne Valley Association

Camp Counselor

June - August 2019 • Ghent, NY

What I liked

I loved that this position allowed me to be out in nature and/or connected to food all day. I found that I was able to learn about many different areas of education and youth work, and the pedagogy of the program was one I strongly aligned with. The staff had a wonderfully supportive dynamic and I felt a great sense of community there. I also appreciated that this program has a commitment to accessibility and diversity. As a result, the experiences of all camp participants were deepened and I was able to see an example of an organization actively work to include people of various socioeconomic backgrounds.

What I wish was different

I wish that the camp had enough funding to be able to offer more scholarships, because this is a program that offers a space for youth to re-connect with the land; something that many youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are not able to do in such holistic ways.


If you are interested in intersections between food/farming, nature, and education/youth development, take a look at Hawthorne Valley! My most challenging moments were part of a learning process and gave me skills to continue communicating with youth and facilitating learning.
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