Hart Howerton

About Hart Howerton

We Are In The Thinking Business - We are collaborative, thinking strategically about unique real estate assets, from private homes and award-winning hotels to complex urban settings and large-scale landholdings. Our firm's success is built around 49 years of shared knowledge and experiences - Hart Howerton is the place to think through innovative design solutions. Our Practice Is Inter-Disciplinary - We combine the disciplines of planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design to create complete environments. Our people share an enthusiasm for high-quality design and world-class places. What we do is fun. We Like New Ways of Doing Things - We are working on 5 continents, in 20 countries, bringing a fresh perspective to the finest settings in the world. We continually look for creative ways to make full use of evolving technologies, educational resources, and the passions ofour people. Our Outlook is Long-Term - We invest in partnerships - with our clients, with professional collaborators and amongst ourselves. Personal and professional growth of our team is integral to our success. We are passionate about making lasting contributions to the settings we work in with strategies that have proven to increase in value over time.


Architecture Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 San Francisco, CA
“I loved the sense of community I felt there, as well as an emphasis on effective and efficient communication. ”
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