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Dear Student Services:
My name is Marsha Harper-Rosemond, I am volunteer coordinator for Harbor Hospice and I am looking to recruit volunteers for our volunteer program. Any one over the age of 18 can sign up and become involved, but ideally I'd like students who hold an interest in health care to participate. These types of students usually stick around the longest because they hold a genuine interest in healthcare.
As a volunteer coordinator I recruit, train and manage volunteers. It is my job to offer support to families and patients by providing exceptional volunteer service. I’m currently reaching out to various higher education institutes as I would love to come set up a table on your campus OR perhaps be included on your list of “available volunteer opportunities for students” Here at Harbor Hospice, volunteers can spend their time preforming the following duties:
This is an excellent opportunity for students that want hands-on experience with hospice and palliative care.
Volunteers at Harbor Hospice can participate in direct or in-direct care through the following activities:
Administrative Support: Assist the Harbor Hospice staff with filing, copying, and data entry, answering phones, creating information packets, inventory and unpacking supplies.
Spiritual Counseling: Offer the gift of compassion, and patience with a servant’s heart to patients and their families. Spend time listening to patient and assist the patient with praying.
Caregiver Relief: Sit with the patient and allow the caregiver to take a break from their care-giving responsibilities.
Correspondence Team: Assist with creating and/or write encouraging cards and letters to our patients and their caregivers.
Tuck-in Team: Make telephone calls to our patients or caregivers to see how their day has gone and to offer them encouragement and companionship support.
Companionship Support: Visit with patients and/or their caregivers to provide companionship support by talking & reminiscing with them, reading aloud to them, listening to music together, and praying with them.
Bereavement Support: Offer mental and emotional support to bereaved family members both before and after death through visits, correspondence, phone calls, counseling, and participation in the Bereavement Support Groups and Memorial Services.
My hope is to find compassionate people with spare time who’d be interested in utilizing their talents to help make a difference in the final stages of someone’s life. If need be, I’d love to come out and present to you all who we are and what we do. Please feel free to share this information as you see fit. I also ask that you don’t hesitate to contact me with any and all questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
Harbor Hospice provides free training for all volunteers, and volunteer service hours are flexible. For more information potential volunteers should contact:
Marsha Harper-Rosemond
Volunteer Coordinator
11980 Kirby Drive
Houston, Texas 77045
Phone: 713.777.5290
Mobile: 346.267.5284


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