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About Happy Money

At Happy Money, we believe that money should not be an obstacle to financial wellness. We strive for a hopeful future that starts with the elimination of debt and continues with helping our members become savers, leading to achieving your dreams.

Happy Money was founded on the core insight that financial wellness is a learned behavior. Through scientific research and psychometric data, we are able to understand our financial habits, re-invent our relationship with money and move toward solutions that work. We know that stress is a powerful obstacle to well-being and we have the tools, insights and knowledge to improve both our mental and financial wellness.

Tailoring products and services to help everyone achieve success, we guide our members toward an integrated understanding of their overall financial picture. We are a movement fueled by science, technology, commitment and above all: passion to empower people Beyond Money™.


membership advocate

September 2018 - August 2019 Costa Mesa, CA
“I loved the environment and how the company worked as a whole. A ton of energy and fun activities that got the company going.”
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