Happy Code Club

About Happy Code Club

Our Mission is to empower the next generation of Computer Science Teachers, Technologists and other professionals and provide them with practical experiences in the classroom.

How we work:
We partner with Elementary and Middle Schools to provide students After School Programs that focus on imparting Computational Thinking (CT) concepts by creating fun experiential projects. The projects students complete introduce and reinforce skills in Coding and Robotics which are 21st Century Skills that can help shape their future academic goals.


Coding and Robotics Instructor

September 2019 - December 2019 Stamford, CT
“I like the environment. I also like the variety of teaching field we have ( Robotics (EV3, Evo, Bit), Python, Scratch, Roblox). I find that it is easy to duplicate what is being done. I can do the same as humanitarian help in my country and also as a way of earning money. But one things is sure. I have been definitely hired and salary will increase after the internship period.”
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