Habitat for Humanity Portland Region

Front Desk Receptionist

May 2015 • Dallas, TX

What I liked

I liked learning new ways , as in what working for ferr can teach you and the respect you get from helping out.

What I wish was different

Read, read, read . Take time off but read alot


Time dormant makes the brain week . Looking into the pc and reading is much different then reading a book. When we read off the screen with the light , our brain gets overload and I believe is why we get brainfog and fatigue so quickly. Before when we had books and had to do research out of the library , I could study for hours upon hours. Now I find it hard to keep at ot for more than a few hours because my brain literally shuts down. Also I find my self getting dumber as time goes on. I depend on the cell phone to think and Remember for me . Like I can ask Google and find almost any thing . I feel like this is exactly the cause of dementia . I don't use my brain enough and I have cognitively declined . Now thar I know this. I will use my time off to learn and practice brain health .
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