Guy Carpenter

Risk Analyst Intern

June - July 2019 • Morristown, NJ

What I liked

I liked the industry (reinsurance). I also liked how I was able to meet the other interns in New York City since there were 25 interns in that office and only 2 in the office I was working in. My favorite part about the internship though was the exposure I got with high level employees such as managing directors. These high-up employees were constantly walking the floor offering any insight they had to the younger employees in the office.

What I wish was different

I wish I had more client exposure - I helped create powerpoints and presentations but never sat in front of a client. This could have been due to the timing of the internship though since July is typically not a very busy month.


The harder you work the more you stand out so be sure to always offer a helping hand. Also, the more questions you ask the better you will understand the industry so be sure to ask questions on anything you're confused about.
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