Griffin Health

Covid-19 collection specialist

July - September 2020 • Derby, CT

What I liked

I liked how I got to meet kind and hard working individuals who are just as motivated and dedicated as I am in the medical field. This job gave me the opportunity to help my community in a time of stress and uncertainty. I gained numerous hours of clinical experience, and got first hand experience on patient care by going around to regional nursing homes and testing every resident for Covid-19.

What I wish was different

What I wish was different is that I could of been a leader for the team, which means that I am responsible for the team of collection specialists when we travel to the nursing homes. Griffin calls this position a "Lead." I feel that I work great with others and I have a great sense of leadership from other job experiences, so being a lead would come naturally to me, along with help and feedback from our supervisor.


This job requires long days on your feet, and sometimes not all the patients will be happy to see you. You need to keep reminding yourself that you are helping your community and that you are making a difference every time you walk through those hospital doors. I highly recommend this job if you are looking for more experience with patients, especially if you are pre-PA, pre-med, pre-nursing.
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