About GenSpark

Looking for a career in tech? Need help getting there? GenSpark equips you with the training and experience you need! During the first few weeks of joining GenSpark, you will complete intensive technical training to take your skills to the next level. After your training is complete, the company hires you and gets you working with a client so that you can begin your dream job. GenSpark is hiring promising people like you for entry-level IT careers. Spark your career in tech with GenSpark!

GenSpark fills technology talent gaps by bridging underrepresented pools of talent to corporations in need of key skills. The company’s passion for opportunity and diversity translates into a 100% investment in ensuring client and candidate success. Candidates are employed and custom-trained to the specifications of client firms, connecting them to fulfilling careers.

This Atlanta-based firm serves clients and candidates nationwide. GenSpark is a division of Pyramid Consulting, Inc. and was formerly known as Pyramid Academy.

Pyramid consulting which does have third party recruiting as part of the business, however we at Genspark (Formly known as Pyramid consulting ) are a division of Pyramid consulting and are not a third party recruiter, our employees are employees of GenSpark, working on projects for us for our clients. For more information, visit


Full-Stack Software Engineer

January 2021 Alpharetta, GA
“I love the people that I've gotten to interact with, and the lessons relating to Software engineering, business etiquette and the many opportunities granted to me to advance my career.”
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